Is God Anti-Gay?

Sam has written before on the Trinity (which gives you an idea of his grip on the Bible) and is also a minister of a church in Maidenhead. We want to help those thinking through or experiencing these issues too.

In his introduction Sam writes, 'Though I'd had a couple of girlfriends, I'd never felt the same kind of bond as I had with one or two of my close male friends. As the long summer began and there was less going on to distract me, the truth began to bite. The words began to form in my mind: I think I'm gay' (pg. 7-8).

Although Sam does not claim to speak for everyone, he is able to speak from his own experience of what he calls same-sex attraction. He prefers to use the term same sex attraction because the term 'gay' is one that 'refers to far more than someone's sexual orientation' (pg.10). Sam walks the reader through the Bible passages in an accessible way, and also gives advice for the person going through what he went through, as well as for someone trying to help another. The book is very short and could be read in a couple of hours.

The distinctive of this book, is that Sam believes the Bible is clear. 'Homosexual sin is serious,' he explains (pg.35). Many will not be surprised to hear a Christian say that, but Sam then goes on to give wisdom on how to live a fulfilling Christian life without sex. He looks at the value of singleness: 'Jesus himself was single and this is very significant. He was the most fully human and complete person who ever lived' (pg.52.)

To those used to considering sexuality from a secular perspective I suspect that this book could be challenging, from it's very title and premise. But to those who are looking for answers from within the Bible and Christian experience, I commend this book to you.

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