Children and Sunday School Resources


We stock a wide range of resources for children and young adults—beginner bibles, bible stories for kids, puzzle books, youth bibles and more.

Working with Sunday Schools


Talk to us directly to see how we can help your sunday school and provide additional resources for your children. We would love to hear from you so that we can work together to bring the word of God to children. Feel free to call us during office hours on 01946 695460.

Or email us at 


Children's Books and Bibles


We have a great range of children's books. We have lots of bible stories, easily understandable for all age groups. We are happy to suggest suitable books and bibles for any particular event, e.g. Christening/ baptism or confirmation. 


Fun Gifts for Children


As well as books we have lots of small gifts for children (and young adults). Children love these! Why not grab a few for Sunday school? There are pencils, frisbees, erasers, bracelets, stress balls, pens and more!

Your word is a lamp for my feet

and a light for my path.

Psalms 119 vs 105


Email if you notice any mistakes or issues. 

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01946 695460

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